Consultations: Advice, Information, Assistance, and Paths Forward


There are thousands of environmental consulting companies across the planet: from small, single-individual businesses to global corporations. They provide their clients with technical advice, information and assistance on a broad range of environmental topics. Environmental consulting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Bioquest Solutions provides its customers with multiple-science-based services to address effectively their environmental needs.

As a small, single-owner company, Bioquest Solutions offers the advantages of easy communication and effective project execution.

Further, clients are not handed off to an intern or to a lesser-skilled person. The owner of the company is an award-winning forest ecologist and science educator with expertise in related conservation areas such as forest science, natural resource management, restoration ecology, plant-insect interactions, conservation monitoring, and environmental cleanup.

The clients of Bioquest Solutions are as diverse as the challenges of the industry – a farmer who needs advice about stream shoreline protection, a landowner who faces an insect infestation of forest reserves, a civic organization that seeks an expert presenter on regional biodepletion and climate change, a government agency that requires quantitative or qualitative research about an endangered species, a threatened ecosystem, or a contaminated system.

Bioquest Solutions subscribes to the highest code of ethics and standards of practice for environmental professionals.

Presentations: Speaking, Writing, Addressing, and Challenging


Company principal Dr. H. Bruce Rinker is a popular speaker who addresses audiences around the world in a variety of venues: scientific conferences, university courses, nature center programs, civic group meetings, religious services, high school presentations, business associations, library meetings, workshops, clubs and forums.


Dr. Rinker is also a popular author, writing books, articles, and op-ed columns to present a current viewpoint about the natural world, our modern-day woes, and the paths to be forged in partnership with the planet.


Topics include biodiversity, biodepletion, botany, climate change, conservation, ecology and evolution, ecotourism, environmental studies, forest ecology, Gaia theory, history of science, key ecological processes, ornithology, marine plastics pollution, soil and water quality, and tropical studies.


Contact Bioquest Solutions for your presentation needs. We develop and provide science-based presentations to clients around the world.

Field Projects: Studying, Measuring, Solving, and Healing


Healing the woes of our sometimes-forlorn planet begins with the best available science.

Bioquest Solutions collaborates with individuals and agencies at home and abroad to provide baseline data, assays of local problems, and recommendations for steps forward. Short-term and long-term surveys, contaminants monitoring, wildlife tracking, ecological modeling, and qualitative analyses are just a few of the tools we employ to discover lasting solutions and urge effective policy change.

Field research necessitates good observations, well-defined methods, sound analyses, and sensible recommendations for next steps.

It is the expectation of Bioquest Solutions that all parties involved with its professional services will respect the scientific integrity and independence of the company at all stages of its fieldwork.

Several examples provide details about the scope and depth of our science-based services in the field:

Advocacy: Working, Protecting, Speaking Out, and Leading Communities


Advocacy means giving voice to the voiceless, speaking out against injustice, and leading the way forward for society at-large in partnership with Earth.


Environmental advocacy is working to influence public policy in social, economic, political, and cultural arenas to bring about justice and positive change in environmental issues. Such advocacy includes protecting the natural world and protecting the public from environmental hazards.


Some environmental groups seem to eschew advocacy even when their missions espouse meaningful change for Earth and Society. Such an attitude seems irresponsible and lackluster, especially given the gravity of our multifarious issues. We need to act now to ensure a healthy planet for communities today and tomorrow.


Bioquest Solutions provides its services as a principled advocate of environmental stewardship. We provide our scientific expertise as a matter of heart, mind, and spirit to make a positive difference: as a scientific consultant, as a grassroots advocate, as a campaign manager, as a field representative, as a program manager, as a networking coordinator, or as an environmental affairs specialist.


Most advocacy positions require taking on a great deal of responsibility so we will work with our clients to determine the best steps forward, sometimes recommending other like-minded organizations that might provide a more fitting approach.


Contact us with your advocacy needs. We will work with you in short-term or long-term partnership as stewards of our shared environment.

Expeditions: Studying, Immersing, Advocating, and Traveling Responsibly


Ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Bioquest Solutions provides expeditions into unusual, sometimes remote, locations around the world – the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon Basin, the Yucatán Peninsula, the Andes Cordillera, and elsewhere – to learn about threatened biodiversity, to experience a full spectrum of conservation practices, and to connect with other cultures near and far.

We base our expeditions on a three-part model: pre-departure preparation, on-site immersion, and post-departure advocacy.

Whenever possible, we try to network with local scientific authorities to ensure an up-to-date, relevant learning experience. Further, we try to establish volunteerism opportunities on-site to provide our travelers a meaningful cross-cultural opportunity.

Join Bioquest Solutions for an extraordinary ecotourism adventure! Contact us for details about upcoming expeditions.